Tuscan Path’s Paver Collection features the finest quality natural stone products for walls, floors, steps and other outdoor areas. Ideal for indoor design, garden or landscaping applications, these pavers will infuse your home with natural warmth and create welcoming surroundings.

At Tuscan Path, we have the latest shapes, colours and textures for retaining walls, garden walls and steps. The natural raw materials we use are eco-friendly, strong, durable and cost effective.

Each of the pavers within our collection is chosen for its style, visual effect and timeless design. In addition, these pavers possess the advantages of:

  • Rich, fade-resistant colour
  • Durable qualities (strong and hard wearing)
  • Slip resistant surfaces

These intrinsic qualities ensure they withstand all types of extreme weather conditions and last a lifetime.


Useful Information

   Calculating paver requirements
   Creative ideas and uses
   Laying pavers
   Care and maintenance


Natural stone pavers

Natural stone paving has a truly unique beauty, colour and texture; providing a versatile and stylish product for flooring, landscaping, feature stone walls and outdoor entertaining areas.

Tuscan Path’s paver collection is the only 100% pure stone paver currently in the Australian market. This purity offers:

  • Structural integrity – our pavers rate at 6.5 kiloneutrons
  • A unique earthy appearance – each paver has its own texture and colour
  • Timelessness – these pavers transcend time and changing trends
  • Natural beauty - colour, striations and flecks cannot be replicated