Outdoor & Indoor Pots

Tuscan Path’s collection of hand-sculptured pots, planters and urns draws on a collection of creative influences, from ancient Greece to timeless Italian pottery. Each piece is uniquely finished in a classic or contemporary style, designed to add a creative dimension, fulfil a practical purpose and make a bold statement both inside and outside your home. From lightweight pots that are easy to transport, to ceramic pots with intricate designs, our impressive range will have what you need.


Tuscan Path’s Alfresco Painted Pottery collection features attractive hand-crafted outdoor and indoor pots, transformed into unique decor pieces.


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Cambridge Lite

Cambridge Lite lightweight planters are Finished with a wood-grain effect, these lightweight pots are perfectly suited to cottage-style gardens or any setting where a rustic touch is desired.


These handmade Earthenware pieces are finished with a rustic, natural appearance. Inspired by antique pots from an Italian villa, these highly durable pots offer great practicality and timeless design.

Handcrafted Glazed

Available in a range of classic and modern styles, these vibrant and durable ceramic pots offer wonderful design opportunities for the garden and also work well as indoor pots, bringing a new vitality to your living space.

Harvard Lite

Harvard Lite lightweight planters are inspired by the style and aesthetics typical of the Victorian era. Durable and versatile, these pots feature a raised tree emblem that makes them a unique addition to your home.

Poly Rattan Jumbo RoundPoly Rattan

Tuscan Path's Poly Rattan planters are handwoven from synthetic rattan and include plastic inserts. They are perfect for coordinating with furniture made of wood, cork, rattan and natural materials.


Tuscan Path is proud to offer European indoor pots from Scheurich. Available in a host of modern colours ranging, these innovative pots of supreme quality can accompany plants in any modern setting.

Stone Art

Stone Art lightweight planters are constructed from a stone composite, which perfectly imitates the appearance and texture of real stone. The built in reservoir ensures plants remain hydrated.

Stream Lite

These lightweight planters combine strength with lightweight convenience. Available in light and dark grey they feature ample drainage and are finished with a coarse outer texture.

Terracotta Originale

These quality handmade clay pots are practical, elegant and timeless. Each piece has been baked in a traditional dragon kiln to create well designed pieces.

Wooden Planters

Tuscan Path’s Wooden Planters offer lots of natural, rustic character. These pots are useful as storage, craft/toy containers and gift hampers, or even as a cooler for drinks in the summertime.