Tuscan Path’s collection of hand-sculptured pots, planters and urns, draws on a collection of creative influences, from ancient Greece to timeless Italian pottery. Each of our pieces is uniquely finished in a classic or contemporary style.

Each piece is designed to add a creative dimension, fulfil a practical purpose and make a bold statement both inside and outside your home.

Our fresh and inspiring range includes:


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Tuscan Path’s Alfresco Painted Pottery Collection features attractive hand crafted pots transformed into unique decor pieces.

Finished with the art of pottery painting, our colours are chosen for modern decors; with warm desert, soft earthy pieces through to bright, fresh, white wash that makes a statement in your indoor/outdoor living space and creates an attractive focal point wherever they sit.

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Tuscan Path’s Earthenware Collection features a range of uniquely finished pieces with a rustic, earthy, natural appearance.

The earthy, muted colors of these handmade pieces mimic the aged patinas and create instant old world charm. Inspired by antique pots from an Italian villa, these highly durable pots offer great practicality and timeless design.

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Tuscan Path’s Handcrafted Glaze Pot Collection features a range of quality, high lustre, glazed ceramic pots.

Available in a range of classic and modern styles, these beautifully finished pots help to create either a powerful statement in bold colours and sculptural shapes, or a complimentary balance using natural earth tones. 

These vibrant and durable pots offer wonderful design opportunities for the garden and bring a new vitality to your living space.

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Tuscan Path’s Harvard Lite collection is a light-weight range inspired by the style and aesthetics typical of the Victorian era.

These vintage-style pots emulate authentic metal planters. Made from lightweight composite material, these durable and versatile pots feature a raised tree emblem that makes them a unique addition to your home.

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Poly Rattan Jumbo Round

Tuscan Path's new range of Euro Design Poly Rattan planters are perfect for coordinating with furniture made of wood, cork, rattan and natural materials.

These lightweight planters are handwoven from synthetic rattan and include plastic inserts.  They are durable, fashionable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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Tuscan Path’s Provence Range evokes the heritage of the French countryside where home and garden come together to create a welcoming environment to share with family and friends.

This unique and versatile range is manufactured from fibreglass to produce a stylish, durable, high-quality product with a natural appearance. The textured finish, combined with the lighter weight, allows it to be integrated into a multitude of environments, both indoors and out, with ease and convenience. These pots are also available in a high gloss finish to suit the contemporary lifestyle.

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Tuscan Path is proud to offer European indoor pots from Scheurich, delivering a harmonious balance between plant life, fashion and the latest home-design trends.

Available in a host of modern colours ranging from soft, pastel shades to strong, vibrant tones, these innovative pots of supreme quality can accompany flowers, plants or herbs in any modern setting.

Scheurich planters are certified eco-friendly products and each planter is made to perfectly fit all popular growers’ containers.

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Tuscan Path’s Stone Art range has been constructed from a unique, durable stone composite to perfectly imitate the appearance and texture of real stone, without the weight.

This elegant and contemporary range of pots comes in a selection sizes and colours to help you easily integrate them into your home. The unique built-in water-minder reservoir ensures plants remain hydrated and fed as needed, while the UV-resilient design means this range is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Recyclable.

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Tuscan Path’s Terracotta Originale collection features a range of classic and contemporary unglazed ceramic pots.

These quality handmade clay pots offer great practicality combined with elegance and timeless design. Each piece has been baked in a traditional dragon kiln to create well designed pieces that enhance any living space.  

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Tuscan Path’s Wooden Planters offer a multi-purpose planter with lots of natural, rustic character. Their authentic, simple design brings out the beauty of their wooden construction.

Made from acacia, which is harvested from sustainable forests (FSC certified), these pots are useful as storage, craft/toy containers, gift hampers or even a cooler for drinks in the summertime.

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Pot Landscaping Ideas

pots are a great design or décor element when it comes to your interior or garden decor.  They add visual interest; create additional textural and color elements to easily enhance your living environment.

There are so many ways pots can be used to add greater functionality, purpose, interest and personality to your living spaces. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

CREATE OR EXTEND YOUR GARDEN SPACE | Pots allow you to grow plants, flowers and herbs in areas where you can't have an in ground garden or where space is limited. Pots filled with plants or flowers can give the impression that you have a larger outdoor garden space.

BRING THE OUTSIDE INSIDE | Indoor pots are a great way of growing plants, flowers and herbs in the convenience of your own home. As well as serving a functional purpose, they look great too.

EXPRESS YOUR CREATIVE SIDE | Pots don't need to be filled with plants to be attractive - they can be highly effective when used as sculptural elements in the garden. Pots carry enough of a impact on their own and make an excellent garden feature.

ADD CHARACTER AND COLOUR TO YOUR HOME | Pots can be used to softly accessorise a room, or they can create a showpiece for the living room, patio or outdoor entertaining area.

BREAK UP A LAWN | Large expanses of green lawn can be complemented by a feature pot within a lawn space and can change the feel and add interest.

CREATE INTEREST ON A CORNER | Pottery can be placed on a path corner as a focal point. Corners make excellent locations to place pieces of garden décor.

CENTRE A COURTYARD | Large pots make excellent center pieces in which to design a garden. Repetition of similar textures and colours makes for an enhanced garden design.

FRAME A FRONT DOOR AREA OR ENTRANCEWAY | Large pots with tall plants can create an attractive and interesting entrance. Side by side, they can also create a sense of symmetry.
ADD INTEREST TO A PLAIN WALL | By placing one or more pots of varying sizes, you can add a little colour and life to the space.

DEVELOP YOUR DECK AREA | Pots can be invaluable in complementing large patios or deck areas. Pots provide a visual link between your deck and the nearby garden.

ADD COLOUR TO STEPS | Adding some plain or ceramic flower pots of the same style is a great way of adding color and life and emphasizes the steps for aesthetics and safety.


Choosing a Pot

Pots come in a wide variety of materials, themes, styles, colours and sizes. Selecting the perfect pot for you will depend on a number of factors, including your needs, your budget and your taste.

Before you head out to find your pot, here are some important questions you might want to consider before making your final decision:

1. What do I need the pot for?
Are you looking for something functional or artistic? Indoor pots are perfect for flowers, small plants or herbs, whereas a large pot is the perfect piece to create a strong focal point in a room or garden.

2. What theme am I looking for?
The material, shape or finish of a pot can enhance the design effect you are looking for. For example:

  • Fibreglass and lighweight cement tend to provide a more contemporary or modern look
  • Clay and stone create a more classic, old world style and look best in more traditional settings
  • Brightly coloured and patterned pots will create a more festive feel in your garden
  • Wooden planters work well in a house with a country home style theme
  • A classic terracotta pot creates an instant Mediterranean look

3. What material will work best for me?
Pots are made from an extensive range of natural and synthetic materials, each of which has its own advantages:

  • Ceramic –offer a huge variety of design options and colours or finishes
  • Terracotta– a natural, sturdy and popular choice for growing plants and flowers. They are traditionally a natural burnt orange colour in color and come in a variety of styles and are ideal for outdoors
  • Lightweight cement - adds a textural element and provides a more contemporary, geometric look. They are extremely durable, easy to install and maneouvre
  • Fibreglass – these pots are manufactured from fiberglass which is durable, lightweight and easy to handle
  • Wooden–provides a very natural and rustic feel and complement a traditional garden

4. Where am I going to place my pot?
Some pot materials are better suited to outdoors (terracotta), others are ideal for indoors (lightweight cement) and some are great for both indoors and out (glazed pots).

Take the time to visualise the pot in different parts of your home, inside and out, to ensure the one you choose creates the best visual effect.

5. What am I willing/able to spend?
Set yourself a budget. But remember, pots are an extremely versatile, great value for money décor piece that creates immediate style within your living space.


Setting up a Pot

When setting up your pot, there are few important points to remember maximise its value and effect:

CREATE A LEVEL SETTING | If you are placing your pot in an outdoor or garden area, ensure that the ground underneath is a flat surface or you risk the pot tipping over. You may consider placing a concrete square or paver under the pot to create an even surface.

GROUP FOR EFFECT | Pots grouped according to design and construction look best. So choose pots of similar material and shape for your design. Pots look great grouped together in odd numbers (ie. 3, 5 or 7 pots) and/or different sizes have the greatest visual impact.

CREATE A FOCAL POINT | If space is a constraint, consider setting a focal point for your pot where all attention is drawn to it. For example, a tall pot or urn in a small garden with foliage or flowers that fill the brim and tumble down the sides. On the other hand, if you have a spacious garden, lining a garden path with pots create borders and interest.

If you intend using your pot to hold plants, flowers or herbs, you should also note:

ADDRESS WATER ISSUES FIRST | If you have purchased a clay or terracotta pot, you will need to monitor moisture of your plant regularly and water appropriately. Terracotta allows the root system to breathe which ensures the health of your plant.

AID DRAINAGE | Always ensure your pot has a small hole on the base for draining water. The bigger the plant, the more drainage the plant requires. To further aid drainage, we also suggest adding pebbles or plant shards inside the bottom of the pot.

BALANCE PLANT FEATURES WITH POTS | Pots and plants should not compete for attention. You should maintain a visual balance in your garden by using simple pots to hold attractive ornamental plants. Conversely, allow the elegance of an urn to shine through by juxtaposing it with simple plant foliages.


Creative Ideas and Uses for Pots

Whilst pots have always been for the purpose of displaying plants and flowers, people are using them in more creative ways. Here are just a few ideas:

MAKE A TABLE | To make a coffee or bedside table, use large interesting pots or containers for table bases. Top with glass or treated wood.

MAKE A WATER FEATURE OR FOUNTAIN | Make a water feature out of a stylish or interesting pot and create a Zen atmosphere in your garden. Seal your drainage hole, add a submergible pump, some water and voila!

CREATE A DEFINED SPACE | Create outdoor ‘rooms’ by arranging pots together in patterns and designs. Line up pots on each side of a path to create a hallway. Define a patio or deck corner by setting and lining up containers at a right angle. Define the space further by using tall container plants (ficus trees, trellised-ivy) to give the space extra privacy and a cozier feel

ADD SCULPTURE | Some pots are pieces of art on their own. Make a fashion statement by placing interesting pots within your garden, on the edge of your deck or patio, around a pond, etc. as garden ornaments.

PROP IT UP | Turn containers upside down and top off with potted plants - instant plant stand!

STORE IT | Store frequently used garden tools, seed packets, gloves, etc. in old or unused pots


Pot Care and Maintenance

Caring for your pots has many benefits:

  • You retain the look and beauty of your pot
  • You extend the ‘life’ of your pot
  • You have healthier plants and abundant growth

To keep your pot in top condition, we recommend these care and maintenance practices:

Handcrafted Glazed | Terracotta Originale | Alfresco Painted Pottery | Earthenware |
If you have used your pot for planting purposes, it is important to maintain both pot and plant. Plants can require regular pruning and/or repotting to retain the integrity and aesthetics of the pot.

To maintain the natural beauty and appearance of terracotta, you can spray your pot with a sealant (applied to the inside walls of your pot). Contact or visit your nearest Bunnings store for advice on which product works best for you pot.

It is also important to note that your terracotta pot will age over time. Natural salts within the terracotta clay may gradually seep through the clay to the exterior surface creating a white dust finish. This is normal as pots need to ‘breathe’. You can minimise the ageing process by cleaning any affected areas with a mild detergent and a soft brush. To remove the hard white crust, mix baking soda and water into a paste and then scrub the crust.

Scandinavia Lite | Provence |
These lightweight pots are extremely durable and are therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Their durable and lightweight nature allows you to maneouvre them with greater ease.

Ensure you give yourself room to get beside or between pots to clean. Make sure you can sweep and even mop around your pot if it contains a plant.

These pots can be cleaned with a mild detergent and water. However, if they are being used to house a plant or herb display, please take care not to allow any cleaning product to spill into potting mix where the plant is growing.

Scheurich | 
Scheurich pots are best suited for indoor conditions. Before you use the pot for the first time, you should clean it and allow it to dry completely.

Wooden Planters |

Before you use the pot for the first time, you should clean and allow it to dry completely. It’s also a good idea to line the inside of the planter with black plastic (with holes in bottom for drainage). Store all unused planters in a dry, protected place until you need them.


Tips and Recommendations


This is a fun project to do that will unleash your creativity. Plants are such a great idea to use in your decorating of your home, and what better way than to decorate the clay pots they are in.

1) Wash the clay pots with a hot water and soap.

2) Lay down newspaper or brown paper, whatever you have on hand will work to cover up the surface of your table.

3) If you feel more comfortable planning out your design now is when you would want to do that. Simply use a pencil to draw it onto your clay pot once it dries. This will also give your clay pot time to dry.

4) If you want to mix a lighter color or a darker color than the acrylic paint you have on hand, a paper plate works well for this.

5) You are ready to start painting your clay pot as soon as they are dry and your space for working is set up. Lots of designs are available on the internet.


You can easily transform a tired, glazed ceramic pot with fresh and vibrant paint. The evolution of primers and paints that bond with just about any surface material makes painting the least expensive way to add new life to old ceramic pots. Whether you simply want to personalize your pots or completely change the container color, you can paint its glazed surface and have the new paint adhere for years to come.

1) For a complete cover clean the ceramic pots with a 50/50 mixture of distilled white vinegar and water applied with a sponge. Rinse them thoroughly with warm water and allow them to dry 24 hours.

2) Apply a water-based, urethane-modified, acrylic primer-sealer to the glazed surface with a 2-inch polyester sponge paintbrush. Allow the primer to dry for 6 hours.

3) Paint the ceramic pots with a clean polyester sponge paintbrush that you have dipped in 100% acrylic outdoor paint. Allow the paint to dry for 24 hours before placing a plant in it.

4) For a design clean the glazed surface with a glass and tile surface cleaner applied to a damp sponge. Rinse the sponge thoroughly under warm water and rinse the cleanser residue from the pot with the clean wet sponge. Let the pot dry for 24 hours.

5) Draw your design onto the pot with a colored pencil.

6) Paint your accent design onto the pot. Use a small detail paintbrush dipped in water-based glass and tile paint that does not require firing or heating in the oven to obtain durability.


Bags of potting mix typically come in 25 or 50 litre bags. 

Here is a handy guide for filling pots with soil.

  • Extra Small Pots - 2 Litres of Soil
  • Small Pots - 8 Litres of Soil
  • Medium Pots - 20 Litres of Soil
  • Large Pots - 50 Litres of Soil
  • Extra Large Pots - 80 Litres of Soil



  Orange Terracotta Dolomite Clay Earthenware Stoneware Porcelain
Application Lawn and garden products Seasonal giftware eg. Christmas ornaments Lawn and garden products. Sanitary ware Table ware and indoor pots Bone China
Source Vietnam, China, Italy, Pakisatn & Eastern European Bloc China & Thailand Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines & Indonesia Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Thailand & Philippines England, China, Finland & Eastern European Bloc
Firing Temperature 850°-1100°C 950°-1100°C 1150°-1200°C 1150°-1200°C 1300°C
Comments Can have problems in temperatures below freezing Lightweight and often fragile Long life and suitable in all environments Suitable for indoor use only Very fine finishes for indoor use kaolin style clay

Please Note: While we have taken every care to ensure the accuracy of this DIY information, Tuscan Path cannot be held responsible for any of the advice contained in our website and where appropriate we advise you to consult a professional.