Garden Bags

Mr Tidy garden bags are the ideal way to collect grass clippings, leaves and garden waste from around the home. All bags are lightweight and reusable.

Please Note:

  1. The majority of our products are hand crafted and therefore subject to natural variations in colour, size and finish.
  2. Products shown may not be available at all Bunnings stores across Australia.

Economy Pop Up Garden Bag_bunnings website

Economy Pop Up 85L Garden Bag

Size (CM)MaterialColour
W45 H53 Polyethylene Green
Jumbo Garden Bag_bunnings website

Jumbo 730L Garden Bag

Size (CM)MaterialColour
W900 H900 Heavy Duty Polypropylene Green
mr tidy economy garden bag_bunnings website

Economy 110L Garden Bag (3 Pack)

Size (CM)MaterialColour
W73 H120 Polyethylene Cream

Premium Pop Up 175L Garden Bag

Size (CM)MaterialColour
W58 H66 Polyester and Polyvinyl Chloride Green

Everyday Pop Up 174L Garden Bag

Size (CM)MaterialColour
W56 H71 Polyethylene Green

Giant 268L Garden Bag

Size (CM)MaterialColour
W67 H76 Polypropylene Green

Hessian 110L Garden Bag

Size (CM)MaterialColour
W58 H100 Hessian Natural

Everyday 117L Garden Bag

Size (CM)MaterialColour
W50 H60 Polyethylene Green