Transform a tired old patio into an elegant new space

Breathing new life into a tired old space is easy and cost-effective with the versatile range of Tuscan Path products.

Bring new life to old spaces

Reinvigorating these areas doesn’t have to be a costly or complicated project with the right products.

Transform your garden with pavers

Pavers are the perfect addition when it comes to bringing a landscaping project to the next level.

The features & benefits of water features

Adding a water feature to your outdoor space offers a great way to create a calming, meditative atmosphere or to add theater to a manicured area of your yard.

How to assemble our water features

As a statement piece or an element that blends seamlessly into your garden, water features add ambience, tranquility and beauty to an outdoor space.

Refresh your space with edging

Whether you’re growing veggies, herbs, trees, flowers or a bit of everything, edging is the perfect finishing touch for any type of garden.

How to install composite edging

Installing garden edging is simple and easy to do yourself. Watch our installation video to see how!

Decorative screen inspiration

Enhancing your outdoor space is simple with the stylish, versatile range of decorative garden screens from Tuscan Path.

Pebble inspiration

Pebbles can be used for all manner of landscaping ideas. From pool areas, water features and garden beds to paths.

How to refresh your space with pebbles

Tuscan Path’s range of decorative pebbles are perfect for garden beds, walkways and more.

How to install pavers as a garden path

Follow our easy DIY video guide to learn how to create a path using Tuscan Path pavers and pebbles.

Paver inspiration

Enhancing your yard is easy with the versatility and style of the Tuscan Path paver range, perfect for your home landscaping projects.

How to install garden edging

Follow our easy DIY video guides below to learn how to work out how much edging you need, how to prepare the area, and how to secure it.


Inspiration board: Warm up your outdoor space with this curated landscaping combination of pots, pavers, pebbles and garden decor.

Pot landscaping ideas

Pots are a great design element when it comes to your interior or garden décor. They add visual interest and create additional texture and colour.

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