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Pots, Pavers, Wooden Barrels & More!

Discover a range of functional and decorative products that will transform your garden and complement your living areas. Tuscan Path’s extensive range contains everything you need to sustain a garden, with carefully selected items that are imbued with style. Whether you’re a gardening novice or an established expert, our products are suitable for gardeners of all levels, making it easy to find décor solutions that will complement your living area.

From decorative wooden barrels and beautiful pebbles to bird nets that will deter birds and sturdy plastic greenhouses, our products provide useful, practical and stylish solutions.

About Us

Tuscan Path is an Australian company specialising in the import of pots, pavers, pebbles, garden décorand garden tidy products. Our full range of products is available to purchase exclusively at Bunnings Warehouse.

At Tuscan Path, we travel the globe to bring new innovations and the latest trends in garden décor to our fellow Australians, as well as our New Zealand neighbours. In our 35-plus years of service, our philosophy has not changed: all of our work and dedication is centred on finding innovative, functional and stylish products at the lowest prices. We seek out the world’s best because we naturally gravitate towards excellence – that’s why every product bearing the Tuscan Path brand is on-trend, without the hefty price tag.

Our Range

Our extensive selection of pots, stones, pavers and ornaments has everything you need to make your garden your own. From garden décor items encompassing bird baths, clocks and statues, to a selection of pots and pavers in a variety of materials and designs, decorating your living area has never more easy . Our broad selection contains options that cater to every requirement and budget, whether you need a bag of pebbles to create an eye-popping feature, or you want to redecorate your garden with stylish wooden barrel planters. We also offer products that perform important functions, such as our hand trolleys that allow for easy transportation of heavy items, minimising injury. Our greenhouses are another essential item for any gardener, providing the ideal environment for raising seedlings.

Where to Purchase

The complete range of Tuscan Path products is available exclusively from Bunnings Warehouse. With locations Australia and New Zealand, it’s easy to find Tuscan Path products in Bunnings stores. Browse our catalogue online or shop in store today.

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