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Stream Lite Egg Pot - Sand

Stream Lite Egg Pot - New Dark Grey Colour

Handcrafted Glaze Squat Round Pot - 4 sizes

Square Canvas Pots - Available for limited time only

Rustic Round Pots - Available for limited time only

Roman Cube Pots - Available for limited time only

About Us

Tuscan Path have been proudly supplying the finest range of pots, pavers, pebbles and garden décor to the Australian marketplace for over 35 years.

Since our humble beginnings in 1977, we have evolved from the design and manufacture of Italian pottery and ceramics, to become Australia’s largest importer of pots, pavers, pebbles, garden décor and garden tidy products.

At Tuscan Path, we travel the globe to bring you the latest trends and and designs garden décor and products. We are wholly committed to finding functional and stylish products at the lowest prices. We seek out the world’s best because we naturally gravitate towards excellence – that’s why every product bearing the Tuscan Path brand is on-trend, without the hefty price tag.