Greenhouses are a brilliant resource in any gardener’s arsenal, providing plants with protection from harsh elements. They also ensure the appropriate climate required for plants to thrive, maintaining heat and humidity.

Tuscan Path stock a selection of greenhouses that are low maintenance and easy to assemble. We offer a range of styles and sizes, from large walk-in options, to small, 2-tier options that fit on balconies or in small walled gardens.

Sturdy, High-Quality Plastic Greenhouses

All items in our range are constructed from strong, durable plastic, providing a highly economical and affordable alternative to glass. Ideal for aiding plant propagation and protecting young shoots, our options are also great for hardening off plants heading from a warm environment to the garden.

As they’re made from plastic materials, Tuscan Path greenhouses are lightweight and easily relocatable, making it easy to position them in order to follow the sun or seek shade. This allows for effective temperature control, while the sewn-to-fit cover shields your plants from dust and other elements, helping to keep out insects and pests.

All of our options gently diffuse light to prevent burning and aid photosynthesis while absorbing and keeping heat in. These qualities make our plastic greenhouses the perfect solution for anyone with green fingers. High quality PVC covers are used throughout our range, with superior quality PE covers also offered on selected products.

The Tuscan Path greenhouse collection is constructed from a lightweight metal frame, with a durable, sewn-to-fit cover that is simply pulled down over the frame. Tie downs for fixing in place are included, resulting in easy set-up in any area of your garden.