Stream Lite

The perfect planters for urban living.

  • Made from Glass-Reinforced Cement Light (GRCL), a high strength cement-based composite material reinforced with alkaline resistant fibreglass netting.
  • Lightweight which makes them a perfect solution for balconies and patios.

Please note:

  1. The majority of our products are hand crafted and therefore subject to natural variations in colour, size and finish.
  2. Products shown may not be available at all Bunnings stores across Australia.

TP Stream Lite Tall Square Planter - Grey_low res

Tall Square

Size (CM)MaterialColour
W29 H50 GRCL Dark Grey, Sand
W35 H65 GRCL Dark Grey, Sand
W41 H75 GRCL Dark Grey, Sand
Stream Lite Cube Saucer

Square Pot Saucer

Size (CM)MaterialColour
W22 GRCL Dark Grey
W28 GRCL Dark Grey
W34 GRCL Dark Grey
W40 GRCL Dark Grey
Stream Lite Egg Saucer

Egg Pot Saucer

Size (CM)MaterialColour
W20 GRCL Sand
W24 GRCL Sand
W29 GRCL Sand
W33 GRCL Sand
Stunning textured detail, available in 4 sizes. Matching saucers also available.


Size (CM)MaterialColour
W30 H25 GRCL Sand or Dark Grey
W36 H30 GRCL Sand or Dark Grey
W45 H38 GRCL Sand or Dark Grey
W55 H45 GRCL Sand or Dark Grey
Stream Lite Trough with feet_Bunnings website hi res

Trough with Feet

Size (CM)MaterialColour
L37 W19 H15 GRCL Light grey
L44 W25 H19 GRCL Light grey
L50 W31 H22 GRCL Light grey
L56 W37 H28 GRCL Light grey
Tuscan Path Stream Lite Cube with feet

Square with Feet

Size (CM)MaterialColour
W19 H17 GRCL Dark grey
W25 H22 GRCL Dark grey
W31 H27 GRCL Dark grey
W37 H31 GRCL Dark grey