Choosing a pot

Pots come in a wide variety of materials, themes, styles, colours and sizes. Selecting the perfect pot will depend on a number of factors, including your needs, your budget and your taste.

Before you head out to find a pot, here are some important questions you might want to consider:

What do I need the pot for?

Are you looking for something functional or artistic? Indoor pots are perfect for flowers, small plants or herbs, whereas a large pot is the perfect piece to create a strong focal point in a room or garden.

What theme am I looking for?

The material, shape or finish of a pot can enhance the design effect you are looking for. For example:

  • Fibreglass and lightweight cement tend to provide a more contemporary or modern look
  • Clay and stone create a more classic, old-world style and look best in more traditional settings
  • Brightly coloured and patterned pots will create a more festive feel in your garden
  • Wooden planters work well in a house with a country-home theme
  • A classic terracotta pot creates an instant Mediterranean look

What material will work best for me?

Pots are made from an extensive range of natural and synthetic materials, each of which has its own advantages:

  • Ceramic lends itself to a huge variety of design options, colours and finishes
  • Terracotta is a natural, sturdy and popular choice for growing plants and flowers. Terracotta pots are traditionally a natural burnt orange colour and come in a variety of styles ideal for outdoors
  • Lightweight cement adds a textural element and provides a more contemporary, geometric look. Lightweight cement pots are extremely durable, and easy to install and manoeuvre
  • Fibreglass pots are durable, lightweight and easy to handlle
  • Wooden planters provide a very natural and rustic feel that complement a traditional garden

Where am I going to place my pot?

Some pot materials are better suited outdoors (terracotta), others are ideal indoors (no drainage holes or comes with saucer) and some are great both indoors and outdoors (glazed pots).

Take the time to visualise the pot in different parts of your home, inside and out, to help ensure the one you choose creates the best visual effect.

What am I willing/able to spend?

Set yourself a budget, but remember: pots are an extremely versatile, great value-for-money décor piece that create immediate style within your living space.

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