Pot landscaping ideas

Pots are a great design or décor element when it comes to your interior or garden décor. They add visual interest and create additional textural and colour elements that instantly enhance your living environment.

There are so many ways pots can be used to add greater functionality, purpose, interest and personality to your living spaces. Below are some ideas to get you started:

Create or extend you garden space

Pots allow you to grow plants, flowers and herbs in areas where you can’t have an in-ground garden or where space is limited. Pots filled with plants or flowers can give the impression that you have a larger outdoor garden space.

Bring the outside inside

Indoor pots are a great way of growing plants, flowers and herbs in the convenience of your own home. As well as serving a functional purpose, they look great.

Express your creative side

Pots don’t need to be filled with plants to be attractive, they can be highly effective when used as sculptural elements in the garden. Pots carry enough of a impact on their own and make an excellent garden feature.

Add character and colour to your home

Pots can be used to softly accessorise a room, or they can create a showpiece for the living room, patio or outdoor entertaining area.

Break-up a lawn

Large expanses of green lawn can be complemented by a feature pot. Placed within the lawn space, feature pots can add interest to an otherwise uniform area.

Create interest on a corner

Pottery can be placed on a path corner as a focal point. Corners make excellent locations to place pieces of garden décor.

Centre a courtyard

Large pots make excellent centre pieces in which to design a garden. Repetition of similar textures and colours makes for an enhanced garden design.

Frame a front door area or entranceway

Large pots with tall plants can create an attractive and interesting entrance. Side by side, they can also create a sense of symmetry.

Add interest to a plain wall

By placing one or more pots of varying sizes along a plain wall, you can add a little colour and life to the space.

Develop your deck area

Pots can be invaluable in complementing large patios or deck areas. Pots provide a visual link between your deck and the nearby garden.

Add colour to steps

Adding some plain or ceramic flower pots of the same style is a great way of adding colour and life and emphasises the steps for aesthetics and safety.

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